About Us

Sunrise Behavioural Health exists to provide high-quality behavioural health solutions. Our experienced team of professionals is keen to assist persons with developmental disabilities and related concerns using the cutting edge research in their practice to achieve the best treatment outcome for each client. We offer a wide range of behavioural services to children and adults with developmental disabilities and including those with challenging behaviours. The overriding goal of our services is to enable each individual with a critical skill set to live an independent and dignified life as a valued member of society.

Our key team members

Jay (Rajesh) Sharma, BCBA. Clinical Director

Jay has over 19 years of professional experience in education, disability and mental health sector in India, the USA and Australia. He has completed B.A. (Hons) Psychology, B.Ed (Intellectual Disability) M.A. Applied Psychology ( Clinical Psychology), M.A. Applied Psychology ( Applied Behaviour Analysis), and a Diploma in Training & Development. Jay is also a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst (BCBA), trained in the USA in a University-based program accredited by the Association for Behaviour Analysis International (ABAI). He has worked in senior roles with Queensland and Victorian Government departments. He has designed, delivered, implemented, & supervised applied behaviour analysis (ABA) based interventions for all age groups including young children with autism and adults with other developmental disabilities. He has been a member of advisory boards/groups with non-profit organizations and managed positive behaviour support services in large-scale organisations. Jay’s areas of expertise include behaviour assessment, designing and developing, and implementing therapeutic interventions for a wide range of clients with a developmental disability, mental health diagnosis, and other psychosocial disabilities. He also has a strong research interest in behavioural interventions and clinical innovations to support people with psychosocial disabilities. Jay enjoys coaching, supervising students pursuing their education in applied behaviour analysis, mentoring, and empowering, carers, support staffs & health professionals with evidence-based interventions and support strategies. Along with Dr Jahirul Mullick and Tsuyoshi Imasaka,  Jay has recently completed book chapters on behavioural treatments of intellectual disabiliity and ADHD

Tsuyoshi Imasaka, Clinical Manager 

Tsuyoshi Imasaka has completed Bachelor (B.Sc) and Honours degree majoring in psychology, and Master of Education in Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) at Monash University. He joined the team at Sunrise Behavioural Health as a behaviour support practitioner in July 2019. Tsuyoshi works closely with families, disability service providers and agencies to design, develop and implement behaviour support plans informed by comprehensive functional behaviour assessments. Tsuyoshi also has extensive experience in identifying and addressing restrictive interventions / practices consistent with DHHS-RIDS policies and NDIS Quality & Safeguard Commission requirements. Tsuyoshi has  keen research interests in behavioural intervention strategies in supporting individuals with ASD, ADHD and other mental health concerns. He has published research in a peer-reviewed journal and intends to expand his research interest in evaluating and optimising clinical outcomes in Sunrise Behavioural Health. Recently, Tsuyoshi completed a book chapter on treatment of ADHD along with his colleagues Dr. Jahirul Mullick  and Jay Sharma at Sunrise Behavioural Health.

Dr Jahirul Mullick, PhD. Consultant-Behaviour Specialist & Research

Dr. Ja has a strong interest in the theory and practice of applied behaviour analysis (ABA) and positive behaviour support (PBS) in a wide range of settings such as schools, clinics, homes, residential facilities, etc. He has been teaching at Monash University for the past over three years on a part-time basis. Dr. Ja has completed his Master of  Education in ABA. He loves to contextualize behavioural principles to meet the learning and behaviour support needs of our clients. Dr.Ja has written several research articles and books chapter in past ten years. Other than providing direct behavioural services (PBS & ABA), Dr. Ja has been working on developing contextually-fit practice framework for Sunrise Behavioural Behavioural Health based on the cutting edge research and best clinical practices.

Dr. Saiful Malak, PhD.  Consultant- Educational / Therapeutic Services & Research

As a special education professional, Saiful has over 15 years of experience in disability, therapeutic intervention, early years schooling, inclusive education and teacher preparedness. He has mixed working experience in both developed and developing country context. His academic qualifications include Bachelor of Special Education (Honours), Master of Education (Special Education), Master of Education (concentration: special eductation; inclusive education) and PhD. His PhD, completed from Monash University, investigated some crucial aspects of student behaviour in mainstream schools. Saiful taught disability and special education related courses in the Department of Special Education, Institute of Education and Research, the University of Dhaka for 12 years. He is experienced in planning and implementing early interventions for children with autism and other disabilities. He has a strong interest in intervention-based research and publication. His academic career also includes a Scale for measuring Teacher’s Attitudes towards Student Inappropriate Behaviour. His has published numerous Book Chapters and research-based papers in globally reputed journals including one in Cambridge Journal of Education.

Ms. Taniya Jayasinghe, Counsellor & Behaviour Support Practitioner 

Taniya has completed Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. She has Masters degrees in Counselling & Education. Currently, she is enrolled into her third Master (M.Ed)  degree in Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) from Monash University. Taniya hopes to gain the credential of Board Certified Behaviour Analyst (BCBA) in near future.  Taniya has strong interest in positive behaviour support (PBS), early intensive behavioural interventions (EIBI) and providing counselling support services to individuals across life-span. Recently, she was awarded ‘The Ambassador for Peace Award’ by Universal Peace Federation.

Our professional services

Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) 

We offer specialist positive behaviour support and intervention services consistent with the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) and the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) requirements. We follow a systematic and rigorous process of conducting functional behaviour assessments (FBA), developing, implementing and evaluating behaviour support plans (BSP). Our approach is focused on improving the quality of life of our clients while eliminating or decreasing the interfering behaviours and need to use restrictive interventions.  We empower our clients, carers and support staffs with critical functional skills that lead to lasting positive behavioural changes and improved quality of life.

Our practice framework of Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) is deeply inspired by the Australian Governments definition of positive behaviour support as described in the National Framework of the Reduction and Elimination of Restrictive Practices (2014) ‘‘the integration of the contemporary ideology of disability service provision with the clinical framework of applied behaviour analysis. Positive behaviour support is supported by evidence encompassing strategies and methods that aim to increase the person’s quality of life and reduce challenging behaviour.” We are committed to serving individuals of all abilities and diagnoses requiring behaviour support interventions and plans in Victoria, ACT and Queensland.

Behavioural Treatment for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders
Our behaviour analytic treatment approach utilizes principles of learning to resolve behavioural concerns as well as improve the adaptive functioning of individuals who approach us for treatment. With the ‘best treatment outcome for each client’ in mind, we rely on the scientifically validated procedures derived from applied research. We offer ‘comprehensive’ as well as ‘focused’ intervention options to our clients/families. We do offer other ancillary ABA training and development services to parents, carers, and support staff as well.

ABA and Challenging Behaviours

ABA-based interventions are recognized as the most evidence-based treatment strategies for reducing and eliminating challenging behaviours of individuals with disabilities. Our service provision focus goes beyond the reduction of problematic behaviours to improving quality of life for these individuals and engaging them in meaningful skill acquisition programmes. Our behavioural services are available to individual families, schools, residential care facilities, and daycare/respite care centres. We follow a collaborative approach to achieve the best treatment outcome consistent with current evidence-based practices.

Specialized Therapeutic Support Care Services

The overriding goal of our Specialized Therapeutic Support Services is to provide highly individualized and comprehensive care addressing skill deficits and other concerns. The therapeutic care plans are designed with inputs from multi-disciplinary team members such a speech therapist, occupational therapist, psychologist, educator and behaviour specialist /BCBA (Board Certified Behaviour Analyst) aimed at providing holistic care in a safe and a nurturing environment.

Specialized Skill Acquisition Programme
Most individuals with disabilities require assistance with acquiring meaningful and functional skills to achieve a greater degree of independence and improve their quality of life. Unfortunately, there is a severe lack of such services in our community. We are striving to provide specialized skill acquisition packages in the area of functional communication, emotional regulation, feeding, toileting, social skills, pre-vocational skills, academic skills, self-hygiene, transportation/community access etc.

For more information about our specialist services, please consider contacting us at contactus@sunrisebehavioural.com.au or call at 045 0591 791