Applied Behaviour Analysis: Treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorder

Our behaviour analytic treatment approach utilizes principles of learning to resolve behavioural / mental health concerns as well as improve the adaptive functioning of individuals who approach us for treatment. With the ‘best treatment outcome for each client’ in mind we rely on the scientifically validated procedures derived from applied research. We offer ‘comprehensive’ as well as ‘focused’ intervention options to our clients / families. We do offer other ancillary ABA training and development services to parents, carers, and support staff as well.

Comprehensive ABA Interventions
Comprehensive ABA interventions are often recommended when the person with autism spectrum disorder requires improvement in several areas of functioning such as social, communication functioning, academic skill acquisition, and other adaptive skills. The comprehensive ABA interventions are aimed at producing lasting changes in the overall functioning of the individual. Typically treatment lasts several months to a couple of years and delivered 25 to 40 hours per week. The comprehensive ABA intervention when used with younger children is also known as ‘Early Intensive Behavioural Interventions’ (EIBI). The EIBI is the most sought-after program for young children diagnosed with Autism.

Focused ABA Interventions
Focused ABA Interventions as the named suggests, are typically time-limited interventions designed to address specific concerns such as aggression, self-injury, disruptive behaviours or to teach specific academic or social or communication or adaptive / functional skill. Generally, the treatment services are delivered 6 to 20 hours per week. These services often utilize function-based treatment strategies involving altering environment, motivation, teaching and reinforcing adaptive behavioual skills.

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