Behavioural Treatment of Challenging Behaviours

ABA based interventions are recognized as the most evidence-based treatment strategies for reducing and eliminating challenging behaviours of individuals with disabilities. Our service provision focus goes beyond the reduction of problematic behaviours to improving quality of life for these individuals, and engaging them in meaningful skill acquisition programmes. Our behavioural services are available to individual families, schools, residential care facilities, and day care / respite care centres. We follow a collaborative approach to achieve the best treatment outcome consistent with current evidence based practices.

Staff Empowerment Program
We at Sunrise Behavioural Health believe in sharing our professional expertise with other professionals, carers, parents and organisations to benefit those who need behavioural services. Over the years we have developed several ABA training packages on a range of issues such as managing complex and challenging behaviours, positive behaviour support training for disability support staff, skill acquisition training programs, treatment and management of autism spectrum disorders.

Positive Behaviour Support Training and Mentoring
Recently, we have developed a Positive Behaviour Intervention Support skill training program. This program is open for anyone interested in becoming a Behaviour Support Plan Implementer or to assist someone in need of Positive Behaviour Support (BSP). We also provide ABA / BSP training and mentoring services to disability sector employees for developing their professional knowledge and skills in positive behaviour support and managing complex and challenging behaviours.

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